Stepping backwards

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For quite a long time I have been struck by the fact that we are stepping back towards fascism. From my point of view, what they call liberal economies and global markets, with the United States and the European Union as leading powers, are backed in a twisted way by their traditional enemies, that is: Russia and China. Both countries being complementary in aspects like war and policies in the Middle East, industrial production of armament, control of the markets, offshore companies and so forth.

The fact is that, since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the nineties, a great part of the benefits of the working classes that were reached during the cold war as a way to counteract communist temptation, are now in recession, especially in Europe.
After the 2008 crisis, salaries plummeted in most countries. Meanwhile, the gap between rich and poor has widened. In Europe we have fascism on the rise in countries like Poland, Hungary, the UK, France, Austria or Spain. The excuse, in many cases, is the amount of immigrants, mainly coming to our continent from West Africa, Syria and Afghanistan. In the case of the United States, the excuse is the Mexicans in search of a better quality of living in the north.

If we focus on the UE, we can see that the social foundations of the institution has become absolutely secondary in front of the commercial interests of the club of states they are now supposed to represent. As a matter of fact, they are no longer ashamed of backing Rajoy and his political party, a dubious and corrupt example of degraded morality established as a Mafia in Spain; his party, Partido Popular, trying to humiliate Catalonia with the complicity of the so called socialists and the rightwing Ciudadanos, just to name a subject all of us know. On the other hand, Donald Trump in the USA is quite representative of this kind of madness spread all over the world we live at present.

I think that at this point of this short essay, it could be interesting to remind us of what Roger Garaudy, a French philosopher, predicted at one point during the second half of the twentieth century: the fact that we were aiming at a new class of slavery, a modern one that can be disguised under the face of progress, a type of slavery with all the technological advances in front of us, but with salaries linked to temporary contracts and welfare society in retreat were many families try hard to make ends meet.
On the other hand, while regarding the States, what once was called the American Dream, now has the outlook of never again being possible. It is supposed that Henry Ford started that so called American Dream. That was when the founder of The Ford Motor Company, located in Detroit, allowed its workers to own a car, a house, and even a second one to spend their holidays by means of paying them fair wages. Altogether something that did not stop Mr. Ford to become a millionaire. Now, for the American working class, that dream has faded away years ago.

My guess is that far before the middle of the present century there will be a second October Revolution, probably in a different way from the one that in 1917 changed Russia into the Soviet Union for about seven decades. Different, according to the times, but still a revolution.

History always repeats itself.

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